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        CiS Update – May 2022

        Please Give Thanks We recently advertised for a number of vacancies, and we appreciate all those that enquired and/or applied for the positions. Please give thanks…

        Latest PréCiS – Spring 2022

        This edition includes:- Similarities AND differences in Biology Spring Conference Local Group News We hope you enjoy reading it - click here      

        CiS on TWR’s “Faith in Science”

        Trans World Radio UK invited a number of CiS members to partake in their “Faith in Science” programme. The sessions will air every Saturday at…

        Attending COP26 – report by Steph Bevan (CiS Development Officer)

        Official Video by COP26 - Voices from the COP26 Green Zone: Faith, Religion and Beliefs. It has now been several weeks since the final conversations were…

        Books published by CiS Members – 2021

        Books published this year by CiS members:-   A scent of water.? Adventures in faith and science Author: Jim Parratt Purchase from: Sanctusmedia.com Cost: £15 Content: “The strength of a memoir…

        Oct 2021 – Celebrating Black Christian Scientists

        This article is written by Omololu Fagunwa and was first published on https://www.faraday.cam.ac.uk/churches/church-resources/posts/celebrating-black-scientists/ Omololu Fagunwa is a Christian faith scholar and microbiologist. At the University of…

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        Norwich - How can science fit with miracles?

        Speaker: Professor Sir Colin Humphreys FRS

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